Exposure Assessments - Chamber

chamber-consultingCompanies and industry groups need to know with some level of certainty what the exposures to their products are for regulatory compliance and registration in the U.S. and globally (e.g. the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals or REACH regulations in the European Union) and for broader workplace exposure management, product stewardship, and liability management purposes. Chamber assessments and evaluations provide a controlled environment in which to simulate real world exposures and measure the exposure and the determinants of exposure. We have a state-of-the-art full-size exposure chamber and instruments to measure a broad range of chemical agents and exposure scenarios.

Exposure Assessment – Field

exposure-fieldCompanies want to recommend ‘best practices’ to minimize exposures that can occur from people using their products, providing consumer product and product stewardship guidance. To do this, they need to quantify exposures based on typical work practices by collecting exposure data and measuring the factors contributing to exposure in the field. When it is not possible to directly measure, techniques such as modeling are used to estimate the factors and the exposure. We have the experience and tools to conduct field surveys, providing companies with the data and information needed to develop product use guidance. Community groups need to quantify exposures to contaminants present in their communities to understand their health risks and determine the need for and extent of remediation. Field surveys are useful for quantifying community exposures, delineating between differences in the magnitude of exposure due to differences in locations and activities.