At ESSI, we conduct applied research to help industry answer practical questions. We generate the data to support data-driven exposure and risk management decision making, facilitating world-class product stewardship.
We design and conduct studies focusing on predicting, assessing and reducing occupational exposures to chemicals, and on predicting and assessing chemical exposures that may occur as a result of consumer products use. By combining chamber and field methodologies we are able simplify complex situations and generate objective data that support data-driven solutions.

Our state of the art instruments facilitate accurate, robust exposure related data. Using our dynamic generator, we can calibrate our real time instruments with a wide range of chemicals and chemical mixtures ensuring highly accurate measurements of specific chemicals and chemical mixtures. Our portable FTIR allows us to identify and quantify specific chemicals within mixtures, as well as pure substances. We have a wide range of real time instruments for measuring vapors, aerosols, and particulates across a wide range of particle size, number and mass.