It is fitting that on ESSI’s fifth anniversary, we have relaunched its website.

ESSI’s mission is to deliver excellence in research and training. The new website is designed to serve three primary audiences:

Prospective and current students looking for cutting-edge research opportunities that will provide visibility and networking opportunities, one-on-one interactions and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and paid experiential work opportunities available through ESSI.

Clients/industrial hygiene practitioners and professionals looking for information and resources for improving the accuracy of their decision-making about the acceptability of work-related exposures, how to assess emerging technologies, and information about Total Worker Exposure approaches towards implementing a Total Worker Health™ model.

Donors can learn more about what we do at ESSI, and how our work supports and improves the practice of industrial/occupational hygiene. Support from ‘friends of ESSI’ help us to benefit our community, despite a hyper-competitive and under-resourced funding environment.


We reimagined the website layout to inform, equip, and engage these prospective and current students, professionals, practitioners, donors (‘friends of ESSI’), and our community members.

The Home page on the new website introduces ESSI and spotlights some of our work, demonstrating the value that ESSI brings. Links to other pages provides a user-friendly way to inform everyone about emerging and critical issues and the role of exposure science in public health. For example, we have spotlighted our interdisciplinary research conducted with collaborators from the Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) on alternative masks in response to our UMN community needs during this pandemic. We provided links to resources such as a video demonstrating proper handwashing techniques that we translated from English to Somali.

Our About page introduces the team and facilities, and highlights our Fellows and doctoral students and their research. For prospective students, this information will give you insights into the kind of opportunities that would be available to you as a graduate student at the U. For companies seeking to recruit top candidates, this page will also highlight some of the talent we are nurturing.

The News and Announcements section, located on the homepage, showcases some of our most recent activities and accomplishments. News is stratified under ESSI news, relevant media articles and industry news. Importantly, we have added a new Student News section, led by one of our students, for students. The inaugural news piece provides timely tips for students on how to adjust their work/study stations in the time of pandemic, with most students having to work from their home space.

Our Featured Projects section showcases specific projects and related resources and products. This includes publications, tools that we develop and supporting literature. Here we will include information for the EHS professional and practitioner, as well as for the layperson.

The Services page describes how we can help you, and how to engage with us, whether it is through consulting, training or applied research support.

The Resources page includes information and tools that are categorized by hazard and exposure, respectively, allowing community members to easily find timely references such as information related to COVID-19.

Finally, on the Contact page, we have made it easy for you to reach out to us, by completing a short engagement form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

So, take a tour of the re-imagined today!