A first Publication from the SurFaces Study!

About the Surveillance for Anti-Cancer Drug Exposure Study (SurFACES):

Goal: Identify sources of contamination in clinical settings in Alberta, Canada and Minnesota, USA
Quantify the magnitude and variability of antineoplastic drugs on work surfaces in healthcare settings
Develop sampling guidance in accordance with <USP Chapter 800>

Drugs have a successful history of use in treating illnesses and injuries, and they are responsible for many of our medical advances over the past century. However, virtually all drugs have side effects associated with their use by patients. Thus, both patients and workers who handle them are at risk of suffering these effects. Published in Annals of Work Exposure Health August issue, a study by Jernomino et al. (including ESSI’s Dr.Arnold and UMN graduate Hannah Kaup) seeks to characterize temporal and spatial exposure variability of Antineoplastic drugs to better inform improved surveillance sampling strategies.

Fun Fact: The cover image of the issue was taken by Hannah Kaup.

Here is a link to the paper: https://academic.oup.com/annweh/article/65/7/760/6247064