Engage Our Experts

Engage Our Experts

Engaging our experts

Our experts provide professional guidance and do hands-on fieldwork, in Minnesota and around the globe. Groups who need to quantify exposures to contaminants present in their communities can engage ESSI to understand their health risks and determine the need for and extent of remediation.

We assist companies and industry groups needing accurate, representative product exposure data to anticipate and prevent people from being over-exposed, and for evaluating the adequacy of exposure control measures in the U.S. and globally. Best practice recommendations can help minimize exposures that occur from people using their products, providing consumer product and product stewardship guidance.

Reflected in a multitude of peer-reviewed publications, ESSI and its experts are widely recognized for exemplary and innovative contributions to both long-standing and emerging issues of vital importance to human health and well-being. Our diverse portfolio of research attracts funding from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and other governmental and philanthropic sources. Our work is grounded in strong partnerships with organizations and governmental health agencies that reflect an investment in making strides toward better health throughout Minnesota, around the nation, and in locations around the globe.

How to make better decisions

Industrial Hygienists (IHs) need objective methods for estimating occupational exposure when exposure monitoring data are unavailable. ESSI has developed a variety of tools to assist with data collection and judgment.

How to think about exposure

Exposure science serves a critical role in protecting human health and the environment. Shining a light on the magnitude and variability of exposure can lead to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms causing adverse health outcomes. Assessing and managing human health s, evaluating long-term solutions to reducing environmental exposures, and empowering populations to increase their resilience are critical factors in saving lives and improving the health of the populations of the state, the nation, and the world.

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We assist companies from a wide variety of industry sectors. The Chemical Manufacturing, Fiber Cement Building Products and Cleaning Products Manufacturers, are a few of the types of organizations that have engaged with ESSI in order to get accurate, representative product exposure data for regulatory compliance to inform best practice recommendations to minimize exposures,ensuring products are not only used effectively, but safely.