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Get Involved

People are at the heart of our science

To protect people where they live and work, the Exposure Science and Sustainability Institute (ESSI) is committed to generating and disseminating knowledge about environmental issues that shape human health. Our innovative research leads to sustainable action.

We define sustainability in a human context.

When work spaces, products, and policies are designed and selected to protect the health and well-being of people, we create more sustainable communities. We are invested in increasing equity of work and health by building bridges and partnerships with communities, and conducting community-based-participatory research.


Industry best practice recommendations can help minimize exposures that occur from people using their products, providing consumer product and product stewardship guidance. We assist companies and industry groups needing accurate, representative product exposure data for regulatory compliance and registration. We have the experience and tools to conduct field surveys, providing companies with the data and information needed to develop representative exposure scenarios and product use guidance.

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Become a member of ESSI and expand your network, collaborate with fellow exposure science professionals, access resources – and lend your expertise to help us build a world of improved well-being.

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Language about becoming a friend – by giving online, or in-kind support.

Our Network

Our network consists of researchers, strategists, and innovators. Together and individually, we are shaping the future of environmental health.


By responding to industry requests for research, consulting, and training, we stay abreast of trends and future research needs.

This knowledge helps inform our research and teaching programs. ESSI provides graduate student researchers and Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Science professionals with hands-on experiential opportunities—from study design through delivery—with the goal of building emotional intelligence by bridging research and ethical expertise with application in a relevant environment.

There are many ways to get involved and stay informed with ESSI.


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