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Advancing occupational health
When you support ESSI the output is exponentially greater than the input. Your donation helps to advance research, policy, and education in order to ultimately improve the health of the populations of the state, the nation, and the world. It helps us to support students, providing them with research experience while exposing them to the real-world applications and value of their work. It provides seed money to explore ideas and it helps us to disseminate the research and tools developed here.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work toward positive change and lasting solutions to environmental health challenges, and are thankful for the ability to study, share, and participate in the field of exposure science and human sustainability.

Your support matters

What we do addresses many of the issues you see in the news and seeks to improve the health of people globally. We are uniquely positioned to do this work, supporting our community and industry partners through applied research and training and your philanthropy plays an important role in contributing to a healthier world.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Exposure Science and Sustainability Institute at the University of Minnesota.

What impact does your gift have?


helps cover cost of gloves and respirator filters used in the lab


instrument time at one of our instrument core centers


calibration tubes, and development of new materials and courses


support a student’s research, conferences and presentations


help support data collection for pilot study projects

How to make a gift

Contributions to ESSI are made via the University of Minnesota’s secure crowdfunding site, UGiveMN.  Your gift to ESSI is tax deductible.